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The Road to College Golf Begins Here...
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The Road to College Golf Begins Here...

Conditions Of Competition

Local Rules & Conditions of Competition

All tournaments conducted by the rocky mountain junior golf tour are conducted under the USGA rules of golf and the rocky mountain junior golf tour local rules as listed below. At each tournament there is usually an additional set of rules known as the local rules addendum that take into consideration the circumstances and condition of that particular golf course. All RMJT tournament players are urged to become familiar with the Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour local rules and conditions of the competition. Please print out a copy and keep it in your golf bag for easy reference.

Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour Hard Card

Play is governed by the USGA rules of golf and by the following local rules and definitions where applicable. Any changes and additions to these local rules will be provided on a local rules addendum sheet at each event.

Unless otherwise stated, penalty for breach of a local rule is two strokes in stroke play and loss of hole in match play. Any questions must be resolved before the scorecard is signed and turned in. Once the scorecard has been verified by a competitor and marker, and signed, no alterations will be made.

Disregard any local rules printed on the course scorecard.     pdfHARD CARD

Reporting Rules Violations

If a player witnesses a rules violation, they must immediately alert the player in question and/or a Rules Official as to the possible infraction. Rules Officials and/or the Rules Committee will do everything within their power to immediately resolve rules violations and assess proper penalties during the round. Any rules violations that cannot be immediately addressed or solved by a Rules Official will be addressed at scoring and the proper penalty will be enforced.

If a player witnesses a potential rules violation and fails or declines to alert his/her group or a Rules Official before the completion of the hole in which the violation occurs, the maximum penalty allowed will be the general penalty (2 strokes) if it is deemed a violation did occur.

If there is disagreement within a group as to a rules violation and a Rules Official is not present, the player in question must play two balls under Rule 20.1, and a ruling will be given at scoring (or as soon as possible, as long as pace of play is not affected).

Rules Officials/the Rules Committee are instructed to gather all possible information regarding a possible rules violation and issue a ruling in accordance with USGA Rules and this document. In the event that a Rules Official truly cannot determine if a violation occurred, the Rules Official/Committee will issue no penalty to the player in question.

RMJT Spectator Policy

Players and spectators are to have minimal/no interaction during play. Patrons may assist in looking for a lost ball, but otherwise must stay on the cart path and/or far off the green during tournament play. Players are not to walk with spectators. If a spectator is observed walking with, talking to or giving advice (or appear to be) to a player:
(1) Rules officials may decide to issue an official verbal warning to the player and spectator.
(2) Upon second observance, a 1-shot penalty will be issued to the player.
(3) Upon third observance, the player will be disqualified.

Spectators are not allowed to comment or assist on any rulings on the golf course under any circumstance. If a spectator views a perceived rules violation, they may alert a rules official, and the rules official may decide to address the group, but no action will be taken against a player based solely on a reported violation by a spectator. It is the players’ responsibility to police their group and be aware of all rules. If a spectator is deemed to be behaving in an inappropriate manner for any reason – language, attitude, improper course etiquette, violating policies, etc. – he or she will be asked to leave the course by RMJT staff and course officials. The spectator may also be denied access to the course the following day, at RMJT staff discretion.

Golf Balls & Clubs

Only golf balls that have been tested and are on the current list of USGA Conforming Golf Balls may be used. All clubs must meet USGA specifications.

Penalty – Disqualification.

Stroke Limit Policy

There is no stroke limit in the Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour.

Measuring Devices/Range Finders

Distance-only measuring devices and range finders are allowed in Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour events.

Cell Phone Policy

Use of cell phones by players, parents or spectators will not be permitted at any time during tournament play. IPOD and MP3 players are not permitted. Violation of this rule can result in disqualification.

Pace of Play

The pace of play at our events is very important to us. To alleviate pace of play issues, please keep in mind the general amount of time allotted for each hole:

  • Par 5: 17 minutes
  • Par 4: 15 minutes
  • Par 3: 13 minutes


Players will be given 40 seconds to play a shot once it is their turn If a player/group is deemed to be off-pace, the following will occur

(1) The group will be warned by a rules official they are out of position, and given a certain number of holes to get back on pace (usually 2-3 holes).

(2) If the group fails to get back on place, each player will be notified and put on the clock, having 40 seconds to hit their shot.

(3) One bad time will resort in a warning; a second bad time will result in a 1-stroke penalty for the player. Subsequent bad times will result in a general penalty (2 strokes)

(4) Gross negligence of the pace of play may result in a disqualification. The tournament committee will, at its discretion, take into account any time-altering factors such as host course problems, weather conditions and any unforeseeable time obstacles.

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